Global Local Government EXPOSED

Corporate Takeover Continues, Catalonia Brutalised.

Windows on the World Live EP-16

The corporate takeover continues with G4S to be in charge of collecting court fines and carrying out arrests.

The privatization of prisons, and the lack of remedy are all things we have been talking about for years.

The Big Society talked about since 2011 is now in control. The open use of Sauk Alinsky “Rules for radicals” tactics have been used and now surpassed by subversives in every area where public servants “control the narrative”.

Martin Houston joins us in part two for a look at the Catalan elections which show us that anything outside Global Governance is being shut down in a most draconian way.

Video footage shows police committing crimes and violating the human rights of the would be voters. Punching, Kicking, throwing people to the ground, using batons and firing rubber bullets just to stop people voting and protect ‘democracy’ ! YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

Was it a mistake by those who gave the orders, or is this a demonstration of force for anyone who might want to exercise their right to democracy?

The events in Spain are getting a lot of global attention, it’s our hope that this event will help people see what’s coming to a city near you if we do not get organised, and do something to prevent the total lock down of ALL our freedoms!

Amongst all the chaos there are solutions emerging, we discuss all this and more.

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