Fake Protest: Extinction Rebellion

Fake Protest Extinction Rebellion
         “Extinction Rebellion.” Police facilitate Fake Protests.

Updated information on the founders of Extinction Rebellion and their links to global corporates and the agenda behind this controlled opposition cult Here.

In response to requests for information about the cult one activist was threatened by agents of ER known as Foxtrot Echo and Foxtrot Tango along with others in the cult. The founder of ER Gail Bradbrook requested to be taken off the e mail list and did not apologise for the threats made against a member of the public. E mails available on request.

The cult is facilitated by mainstream media, the police and teachers who are encouraging children to join in with the indoctrination which has no factual basis and no scientific evidence to back up their apocalyptic claims.



Globalist Fake Revolution


Listen Here:

Fake Protest: Extinction Rebellion, Part 1

Fake Protest: Extinction Rebellion Part 2

Fake Protest, Fake News Special.

Globalist Warming Hoax Day!



State and Globalist backed protests are nothing new. The Globalists need the Antiglobalists to implement their policies.

The “Useful Idiot” Antiglobalists turn up and do the work of their puppet masters, it is a tried and tested formula and relatively inexpensive as the participants on the whole (apart from a few trained facilitators) do not get paid.

The most effective way to take over an organization or even a whole country is to “infiltrate from within”. It is the tactic where all objectives are in time achieved. In the UK it is done through the intelligence services, designated Change Agents, NGO’s and Think Tanks. We have also covered the charities such as Hope Not Hate who are linked to Antifa and are merely another arm of MI5 as are Think Tank DEMOS.

This infliltration from within was  apparent in the global takeover  of Occupy.  See our films  The Puppet Masters of Occupy and  The Puppet Masters of Occupy Revisited. . See also the film we did on The Fake squat in a Swiss Bank in The City of London (how is that possible?) which undermined Occupy and promoted Climate Change idealogy: Inside Occupy and The Bank of Ideas

See also our articles:

Womens March and New World Order Social Engineers

Fake News and Fake Protests

One of our contributors sent in this information regarding ER Finances:
I’ve taken screen shots, and it’s interesting that Gail is recommending that the potential income bit, I mentioned over the phone, she now want’s removed. Below are screenshots from when I first discovered this page (7/12/18).
The crowd funding figure has now gone down to the November level, but grand total now stands over £100.000. 
20% going overseas now standing at £15,830. 5% to TCM (The Climate Mobilisation) which featured in the ER’s presentation given in Carmarthen. Amongst other industrial wish lists, TCM want geo engineering – carbon sequestration.
Extinction Rebellion Finances

Extinction Rebellion Finances Revealed



UPDATE: More coming soon! 


 Gail Bradbrook, (Check out her Linkedin profile) one of, if not the main organiser of #ExtinctionRebellion, is a former director, and now in charge of programme development at Citizens Online, where she works as a “a digital inclusion strategy specialist, consulting with a wide range of clients such as EE, London Connects and the Cabinet Office.” 


The Board of Directors @ Citizens Online also contains a former head of Exxon Mobil….

… as well as Lord Anthony Tudor St John who is heavily invested the same satellite and aerospace industries who’ll be involved in the roll-out of planetary-wide 5G coverage.

… strange bed-fellows our media-darling ‘environmental activists’ keep.

Oil-barons, plutocrats, financial oligarchs, MP’s, lords of the realm…

The ‘Climate Change’ policies Extinction Rebellion are pushing for Agenda21/ 2020 ARE the survival strategies of the oligarchs in the post-oil, ‘sustainable’ future they have planned for us. Smart-grid compact Cities, 5G connected to everything, monitoring us and controlling those who misbehave, much of the land becoming an ‘eco-reserve’/ no-go-zone… it ain’t gonna pretty, that is for sure!
(research & text by Thom Forester

Since the announcement that “The Big Society” would train Change Agents to use Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals the nature of “protest” is now in the hands of Corporate Governance and  Globalist Stake Holders.  The government organized protests such as “The People Assembly” have made sure the narrative of public opinion is tightly controlled. The recent corporate funded “Womens March” and all other controlled groups who promote the UN Climate Change Agenda for  are relying on the roll out of full spectrum dominance and control of population through the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Fake Protest Extinction Rebellion Windows on the World
Fake Protest: Extinction Rebellion

The Fake Protest groups which followed the takeover of Occupy formed other fake activict groups such as Reclaim The Power and Climate Camp, all money was drained from the Occupy finances by the state. These unimaginative intelligence controlled groups   use a carbon copy template employing change agents, trained facilitators and repetetive soundbites. Their agents train Useful Idots in their soundbite propaganda and all narratives are strictly controlled.

They identify opposition through their “Dragons” and remove anyone who sees through their state backed subversion with their “Tranquility team”.

All this can be seen in the latest Globalist backed Fake Protest Group  “Extinction Rebellion” taking direct action which cynically uses a 15 year old girl with aspergers as a mouthpiece for their propaganda.

The Extinction Rebellion encourages blocking roads. obstruction and criminal damage. There have been many arrests already and the willing victims of this will not only have criminal records but will also have to face the fact they have been used and manipulated for corporate governance.

Fake Protest Extinction Rebellion
15 year old Greta Thunberg cynically used by Globalists.

The Global Action Plan needs Fake Protestors who demand enslavement through Climate Change Policy and their latest Direct Action group “Extinction Rebellion” aimed at gaining mass publicity by sitting in roads and taking over public spaces is the latest in a long line of tried and tested controlled opposition publicity stunts.

With Useful Idiots like those signing up for this latest pantomime the Globalists will be laughing all the way to the bank.


Check out their Template Soundbites:

Rebellion Earth

Extinction Rebellion


Think Tank DEMOS made this statement:

state subversion and propaganda

Unlike the Fake Protestors we recieve no funding, if you benefit from our information you can make a donation here:



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