Beating the Archons

 This show is about negative entities and looks at the biblical stories of Enoch dealing with the Nephilim and the strange tracts in the Nag Hammadi which refer to a malevolent and controlling force unleashed by The Rulers or Archons. This historical perspective is combined with parapsychology and the etheric field which can be interrupted and is influenced by geographic areas and the invasion of the field by negative entities. Guest Sherry Swiney talks about her “Thats a lie programme”, which she developed after suffering traumatic childhood abuse and managed to  rid herself of negative voices by refuting their attacks as lies. See also our show below with Jerry Marzinski “Are Demons Real” which dovetails into the issues brought up in this show.

This show loks into paranormal phenomena including examples of possession, psychic attack, Out of Body Experiences and psycopathy.

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