BBC Fake Reality and Communist Media

Tony and Mark discuss the recent WOTW video about the BBC “Reality Check” website which claims to debunk and analyse fake news. The show looks into the BBCs fake news and media propaganda.


Listen to show on Autonomous Media Here

Also..The insanity of the woman who gave birth openly stating she is a man is discussed along with the useful idiots who are promoting this agenda.

Great words replayed from EX KGB agent and defector Yuri Bezmenov who describes the role of useful idiot which manifests itself most recently in controlled opposition groups such as Antifa and Black Bloc.

Thanks for the questions from the chatroom, if your having problem with TV license, you can find all you need to know here


Here is the the BBC Fake Reality show


‘BBC Reality Check’ the Irony Continues! 

“People in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones”!

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