Government Misleads Public on Council Tax

Following the article Council Tax Pantomime Court Procedure this article looks at the official government website on council tax arrears.

The site gives incorrect legal advice and information about the administrative procedure for council tax debt. This will come as no surprise to those who are aware that our government do not actually run the country.

Here is the first bit of mis information.

If you miss Council Tax payments
Your council will send you a reminder notice giving you 7 days to pay.
If you don’t pay within 7 days, the council will send you a final notice giving you 7 days to pay the whole year’s Council Tax. You’ll also get a final notice if it’s the third time in a year that you’ve missed a monthly payment.
If you don’t pay the final notice within 7 days, the council may take legal action to get the Council Tax you owe.

Council tax is calculated on a daily basis so demanding a year upfront if you miss payments is not lawful and also misleading. Its just a way of getting more money in upfront. If you carry on with the monthly payments you are doing all that is legally required.

Here is the next bit of incorrect government legal advice:

Legal demands for payment
Your council can ask a magistrate for a ‘liability order’ if you owe them unpaid Council Tax. This is a legal demand for payment. The council’s legal costs, eg for hiring a lawyer, may be added to the money you owe. You’re allowed to go to the court and give your reasons for not paying if you want.
If you receive a liability order you should speak to your council or your local Citizens Advice bureau about your options.

The so called liability order does not exist and is not from a court, the council print it as explained in the previous article Council Tax Pantomime Court Procedure. It is also NOT an Order as the council print it. They call it Notice of Liability Order. I know for a fact that these do not exist. They are certainly not signed as individual documents by any magistrate. A magistrate may sign a bulk order on the day, this will include all those summonsed to a bulk hearing, even those who were not there. This means they have no court order against any individual just a document signed by a hired magistrate in a hired room in the building usually called a court.  Stating that you are “allowed” to go to court also shows the arrogance and contempt for the public we have come to expect from so called public servants.

The Council do not hire a lawyer for the computer generated printouts which are not Liability Orders. The only time the councils legal team get involved is when you question their incompetence or fraud. The legal team then try and minimise the damage.

You do not have to pay the costs for their pantomime non court procedure as the court are NOT involved in council tax bulk hearings for non payment.

Here is the next mistake on the Gov website.

Your council can send bailiffs to seize your property if there’s no other way to recover your debt. They’ll tell you how much you owe before the bailiff visits you.
The bailiffs’ costs can be added to the total amount you owe the council.

The bailiffs are not from the court so have no authority, they print their own paperwork.

I know for a fact that Bailiff companies do not have court liability orders for council tax bulk hearings, myself and many others have absolute proof of this. Councils themselves may instigate legal proceeding for large amounts or even go for administrative bankruptcy but that would be real court procedure not their usual pantomime courts. As stated in the previous article their bankruptcy proceedings  do not follow correct procedure.

It states at the bottom of the page on the Gov site “Is there anything wrong with this”, well apart from all the incorrect legal advice on the page nothing really!

Oh,  and they cant send you to prison for it either unless you are completely incompetent and agree to it!!!!

So for those who think Nick Clegg and David Cameron have any say in running the country carry on believing the Government spin on administrative Council Pantomime Court Procedure.


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