Forced Evictions: Corporations acting as Land Pirates

Windows on the World featured Forced Evictions which are happening all over the country.

Forced evictions already an epidemic in the US  are now taking place on a massive scale in the UK and are being kept out of the mainstream media. We have recently found out that some of these so called evictions are being carried out by Private bailiffs working with the police and even estate agents who sell the properties. This is being done without due process and no authentic court paperwork. The question to be asked is why is the government letting this happen?


One of the first Sunday Shows on WOTW  for TPV was about  Forced Evictions


WOTW has covered the broken rule of law and corruption in the administrative system in previous shows. Check out the archive link to series 1


We covered three different forced evictions on the show.


Evicted by private interests with no recourse

A woman who again owned all the equity in her property was evicted through a debt she disputed which a property management company claimed was owed. Ground rent of £165 was owed and there was a dispute over service charges. No warrant of possession was produced.  The matter should have been heard by a tribunal before court proceedings were issued.


She was forcibly evicted by the police and arrested for breach of the peace whilst inside her own property as seen in the above video. She was also handcuffed with her hands behind her back. She had been assaulted by the bailiff and the police intervened and arrested her. The police took the side of the bailiffs which is now normal practice. Here is the video


The second unlawful eviction we covered was as a result of an assumption by the Child Support Agency. The CSA make administrative assumptions which are by their own admission 300 percent inflated “As a bit of a lever”.


In this case the man who the CSA were hounding did not want to play ball. He even disputed the debt as there was no evidence that the child the CSA claimed for was his. This administrative process is not about child maintenance , it is simply  the taking of assets by a quango on behalf of the state.


Background to the actions of the Child Support Agency


The CSA approach people whose children have grown up and issue a debt for unpaid child maintenance. The parent has often already entered into a private agreement with the other partner and all maintenance paid. In this particular case I attended the hearing where it was clearly stated that the man was not liable and the alleged debt of over £50,000 was not owed. The court was also out of jurisdiction; County Court cannot deal with sums this large. The debt must be proved if due process is followed.


Mo and Sherri Barnett set up an organization called Dead Beat Dads after Mo was hit with an attachment of earning for Child Maintenance which was not owed. They have helped many people fight these assumptions, however much property has been taken and 92 men have taken their lives as a result of the CSA making administrative errors and assumptions.


In the case we covered the mans property was taken with the help of a firm of solicitors who enforce the assumed debt and put it through County Court. This is just a stamping process and there is no remedy offered. (There are remedies however which we have covered on the show.)


After the case eventually being heard in a so called Chancery Court which was once again a further stamping process and not a hearing bailiffs later turned up stating they had an eviction order / warrant of restitution. This was done through the same firm of solicitors who work with the CSA. It also now appears that firms of estate agents with their own auctioneers are involved in this too.


The disturbing thing about this case was that the property was owned outright, no mortgage or debt outstanding.


Police act unlawfully

An army of police turned up at the property with private bailiffs, there was even a helicopter. This is now not uncommon in these evictions. The chap disputed the validity of the warrant; it was not a true warrant of possession and due process had not been followed.  There was no debt owed.


The bailiffs when confronted about their invalid paperwork then conspired with the police who are theoretically there merely to keep the peace. Neither the bailiffs nor police were legally entitled to force entry. It appears that there is a pre arranged meeting between the bailiffs, police and a private investigator.


The police decided to force entry for the bailiffs.  This was featured in the show  along with the next eviction we covered (below)


We put this to the Met police press office. Firstly they said the police “would never do that”. We called them once again and they confirmed that if the police broke the door down in these circumstances it would be criminal damage.


Police in this and many other cases are acting against the law. The police are now acting for private interests when they are meant to be a public body. With increasingly privatized and corporate police the trend is getting worse. Notices were attached to the metal shutters which stated that this was a mortgage repossession, which was untrue. Neighbours would have assumed this to be the case.


Mortgage repayments stopped then fully repaid equals eviction

A couple who disputed their mortgage and stopped payments then offered remedy plus three advance payments were evicted. An army of police in vans turned up again with bailiffs.

The property was taken by force. The couple were then hit with a £37,000 bill for security after they were evicted. The house was sold at auction.

Public and private conspiracy

It appears that private interests are conspiring with the police in these evictions. In some cases it has been stated that a pre arranged meeting has taken place between the police, the bailiff company and a private investigator who oversees and co ordinates the matter.


This is coming your way

So, why is this happening? There is a bigger picture which can be broken down. The administrative system of law is broken Quangos and corporations are acting like land pirates.

One way this is being done is through solicitors or LLPS (Limited Liability partnerships) acting with debt collectors issuing liabilities for relatively small amounts which end up as liens or charges on the property. In many cases the land registry are instructed to put a charging order or “interim charging order” on the property.


All this is coming your way

All the unpaid student loans have been sold to bailiff companies. All those who defaulted on their student loans will now be targeted. This will inevitably lead to bankruptcy and property repossession. These private bailiff companies also issue arrest warrants and committal to prison. Debtors prisons are returning and are already big business in the U.S.

There is a stamping process by solicitors acting for private interests putting this through County courts using court paperwork. This has been going on with bailiff companies for years in the respect they issue charges which are not broken down on paperwork which they issue themselves.


There is no due process because ultimately the administrative system works on liability, and we are all liable under this system. Remedies can be found as the Orders or Judgements issued can be void ab initio (from the beginning)


The government has no interest in stopping this as there is a national debt to feed and a worldwide property grab under United Nations Agenda 21 which every council in the country is signed up to. It is also called “Sustainable Development.” Under Agenda 21 private property is “not sustainable”.


The house taken in the first instance has been reclaimed after a huge fight with the firm of solicitors involved. The entire contents of the house were however taken and auctioned. The woman who was arrested is still fighting the solicitors and her property has not been sold.


Finding Remedy

When entering an administrative court everything should be on paper and you can ask the judge whether the matter is private or public. If you do this you are “holding court” Your written evidence cannot be inadmissible in a Court of public record. The administrative courts are government courts and solely administrative , the higher courts are not. We will be covering this in great detail in future shows on Windows on the World.


None of the above is legal advice but all based on factual case studies and experience.


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