UK Council Vaccinate Homeless

Waltham Forest council in North East London like other UK councils is planning to vaccinate homeless people at locations within the borough.

The language used to describe this programme in the video meeting attached is revealing.


This is a nationwide agenda

San Diego Tribune: In UK, roving teams bring COVID-19 vaccine shots to homeless


The vaccine expresses the symptoms of Covid -19 as can be seen in the large number of elderly who after being vaccinated are diagnosed with Covid-19.  Many are dying soon after the vaccination  and the rising numbers  recorded  as death by Covid-19.

The correlation between the two is never mentioned by the UK press. The UK government already stated they were saving over 600 million pounds in pensions in Nov 2020. Here

There have been no significant reports of homeless people with Covid, this of course will change if they are vaccinated. The homeless are also a priority for being removed under the sustainable development plans. This makes the video meeting below even more significant as the council representative uses the word “sustainability” along with vaccinating the homeless.

Those in council hostels are being subjected to testing and vaccination according to the meeting below. The question is will those refusing  vaccination be denied access to hostels and the YMCA? The method to get a “consensus” to control the outliers is a part of the training of these “communitarians”.

In other words the collective manufactured consensus group is steered to demonize those outside of the accepted narrative.

The use of the word sustainable by the council in regard to an untested injection which does not give immunity or stop the spread of what is known as Covid- 19 is just the sort of dystopian jargon we have come to expect from the agents of change embedded in local councils.

Having encountered this council and its change agents I can say from experience that they act beyond authority and are entirely brainwashed into being authoritarian rather than fulfilling their duty as public servants.

There are some links below about this “Communitarian” system which has been imposed in the UK since the Big Society in 2010. It is in effect a technocratic authoritarian and intolerant system masquerading as “community”.


Here is the video meeting


Waltham Forest council also actively support Black Lives Matter who are an extremist lobbying group for an admittedly totalitarian Marxist agenda using race as a cover for the goals of global governance, funded by George Soros.

This diagram shows how subversive these “public servants” have become under “Sustainable Development.”

“Equality and Diversity”, the terms stripped of meaning except as divide and rule strategies.



Here is a recent interview on the system being imposed by these “Communitarian” agents of change



More on the “Communitarian” system which is illustrated in the council meeting above.


The “Communitarian” Agenda


More on how Global – Local governance works and some real solutions;

Empower your Community

How You Tube and other platforms enforce the sustainable development (population reduction and control) narrative in their “Community Guidelines”

You Tube is Dead – Find us Here


Our recent shows on the origins of “Covid-19”, and its Certificate OVaccination ID rollout plan are in our archive and contain relevant documents and the history of the manufacturing of zoonotic disease as a bio weapon and driver of global governance.

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