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The MI5 and Thnk Tank narrative of The Far Right along with the private prosecutions brought against individuals by lobbyists are discussed.

The use of military terms to define what they admit are “loose groups” shows the desperation to create this new enemy whom they define as everyone who is outside the Fake Extreme Left promoted by Soros and all. The authors try to cover all bases of free thought and even equate “Red Pilling”with Far Right extremism.

A paper called The Fringe Insurgency produced by The Institute of Strategic Dialogue perfectly describes through sheer propaganda how this fake Far Right threat is being used as a cover all for anyone questioning state terrorism and subversion.

The description of anyone who expresses concern over cultural extermination and criticising Antifa as Far or Extreme Right is so pathetically transparent that this document being fed to Think Tanks, The Unelected Media and Security Services shows how all critical analysis is now being demonised by criminal minded subversives.

Here is the paper produced by the  “Institute for Strategic Dialogue” The Fringe Insurgency

We also discuss the Fake Far Right provocateur “Tommy Robinson” who is himself working for this agenda and those who have recently been found guilty of the new Hate Crimes which can now be defined not by facts or legality but lobbyists alleging hurt feelings.


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