Ritual Sacrifice in London


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Ritual Sacrifice in London-The Heretics of Smithfield

Episode 2

Ritual Sacrifice in London- Derfel Gadarn and Friar Forest


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The first in an in depth series on Heresy, the battle for the Bible and the freedom from church and state. The history, the ritual burnings and other executions at Londons Smithfield.

Smithfield in the City of London has a remarkable and macabre history. From the execution of rebels to the burning of heretics and the raucous Bartholomew’s Fair which ran for 700 years. The small area is also home to the oldest church in London, St. Bartholomews the Great founded by the monk Rahere in 1123 after having a vision whilst in Rome, he was taken up above the site on the back of a winged beast whilst being instructed by St. Bartholomew to build a hospital for the poor on the site. The dragon became the┬ásymbol for The City of London. This is the first instalment of a series on this fascinating location.

Mark Windows Anne Askew Chuck OChelli

Mark Windows Ritual Slaughter in London

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