The housing and regeneration agenda and what it means to the public. The recent legal intervention by several organizations in the proposed Haringey Development Vehicle is also covered in this show. The resignation of Clair Kober, CEO of Haringey council is covered, this after the deal with Lendlease which hands the boroughs social housing over to  the Australian company with 50 percent control has been stayed by judicail review. This show features the inside story of why the CEO of Haringey resigned. The mainstream coverage was a whitewash as the public and the last remaining honest council officials are  fighting back against Corporate takeover and rapid social cleansing. 

Mark Windows Social Cleansing Exposed

This is significant and proves theat the public can act against the corporate takeover of everything.  Also covered are different areas in London where the public are fighting back against this dystopian future of Agenda 21/2030 under the guise of “Regeneration”.



NEWSFLASH: Councillor and Cabinet Member for the Environment for Waltham Forest CLYDE LOAKES  just called this show featuring factual presentations by public officials and his constituents as “laughable”, “Conspiracy theory” and of “no value”.

Lest we forget: This is the same Clyde Loakes who spent £15,000 of public money on a court case to prosecute a local business woman  who gave away a carboard box 


From: mark windows []
Sent: 05 February 2018 14:11
To: Martin Esom; Cllr Clyde Loakes; Council Leader
Subject: Regeneration and YOU

Please listen to this important interview and respond accordingly.

You seriously need to respond to the public you serve.


Hello Mark

Thank you for your email and for taking the time to contact me.

However as I don’t subscribe to the hugely discredited and laughable conspiracy theories that suggests there is an ‘Agenda 21’ takeover of the world, I’m afraid I find it of no value whatsoever.





Councillor Loakes,

You clearly wish to ignore the public meeting held last week at The Epicentre in Leytonstone whose speakers are featured in the show.

Your patronising and uninformed reponse clearly shows you have not listened to or considered the information presented on behalf of the constituents in your borough.

Which part of the factual information in the show is a “conspiracy theory”?

The people featured in the show are council officials including those who have stopped the corporate takeover in Haringey
and by dismissing the content you are openly acting against the public interest.

The truth about Claire Kober is conveniently a “conspiracy theory” for those with their noses in the corporate trough, the facts about her resignation
are clearly presented in this show by those who stopped the HDV including Gordon Peters.

The show is actually about what is happening in the borough (of which you are a big part, and getting paid very well for it.)

I had this “conspiracy theory” nonsense from lobbyists in Waltham Forest, they now know that this is the policy of local authorities and a
national and global issue. The fact that the PR lead and journalist free media do not report it cannot undermine the factual and well referenced information.

As you must be aware Agenda 21/30 is a Global Action Plan implemented at a local level.

You yourself stated that this is not just happening in this country but all over Europe, so you know that it is part of a bigger picture.

Are you saying that the 40 Chapters of Agenda 21 are a “Conspiracy theory”?

I challenge you to find any deficiency in the infomation I have presented.

I also challenge you to a public debate in front of the public in your borough who you state that you represent.

Your patronising response is an insult to the quality of information contained in the show.


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