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The Globalist Action Plan is well organised but is just a template repeated over and over again. Those who can still think will easily see through the Corporate Takeover masquerading as Community, Diversity and Sustainability.

It is important to be able to decode the vague terminology imposed to shut down vocabulary and restrict the public discourse through limitation and creating the acceptable norms and corridor of accepted opinion.

Vibrant communities means bleak and depressing surveilled and mindless human habitation areas run with corporate efficiency with an artificial public face of Communitarianism. The aim is totalitarian control, no rights and massive population reduction.

The drones running this system on behalf of the less than one percent are among the 94 percent who do not want to confront reality and wish to remain free from responsibility, critical analysis and liabilty.

We have had great fun unmasking and ridiculing these pompous and idiotic products of the state indoctrination system. Those who think that repeating what they have been told is education.

The new meaning of Diverse means the same, over and over again and empowered means narcissistic delusion

It has to be left to those with a sense of humour and knowledge of how this brainless social engineering works to at least have some fun ridiculing those who are imposing their lack of knowledge on the public.

We also look at the founders of Communitarianism and its lack of real definition.

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