Fake Left Supernerds

Fake Far Left Supernerds (Artificial Autistic Intelligence)

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This show looks into the funded and co opted extreme far left which aligns with Soros funded agitation groups. The hive mind of collectivism and limited tactics of this agenda is explained with examples. The hysterical pavlovian responses of these groups who identify only with their extremely limited and simplistic agenda means that there is a complete inability to reason or engage in any form of debate.

Fake Far Left Superrnerds

We also look at the recent interview featuring Elon Musk, producer of the Tesla car. The AI (artificial intelligence) and technocracy movement is examined. The restrictive world of the artificial intelligence agenda is addressed.

Is the  AI outlook  outside the bigger picture of real intelligence and natural law? Are those pushing this agenda in a narrow and autistic spectrum of awareness? We examine the issue and gain some insights from this recent interview.

We also cover the psychological manipulation of the public and the limited tactics used by the media and lobbying groups in the current political climate.



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