Crime Farming in Kent: Police and Crown Corruption


The Crown Prosecution Service were recently exposed for withholding defence evidence . Kent Police officers have been arrested for manipulating crime figures, are they still “Crime Farming?” Mark Windows with Chuck O Chelli (above) .

Kent Police regularly uploaded pictures to Crimestoppers “Most Wanted”. This case resulted in their entire Crimestoppers “Most Wanted” gallery being taken down. PCs’ Wood and Chase of Medway Police assaulted and battered a defence witness. destroyed evidence and perverted the course of justice and there is much more to expose the disgraceful tactics and contempt for the public by Kent Police in this exposure of Kents Cime Farmers!

Here is the full story: The CPS and Kent Police Exposed in this full length show from Windows on the World

Kent Police assaulted a witness, blocked evidence, perverted the course of justice, destroyed evidence and failed to supply essential defence evidence. They breached the human rights of the lady they arrested and deprived her of essential medication. She was under duress and not competent during her interview in custody at Medway Police station.  Although her first language is Hindi she was deprived of an interpreter. We will be releasing the interview transcript as it appears to have been tampered with and contains phrases not known to the lady in custody. There is time missing from the transcript and many other anomalies. Kent police refused to supply the audio of the interview requested formerly on 15/11/2015 and many times following this. The lies and obsfucation in this case were presented to Alan Pughsley the Chief Constable of Kent but he has refused to respond. We will print the correspondence shortly.

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