Council Spy Programme Backfires

The show features WOTW making a council accountable for their actions. A useful idiot is exposed and the Council decide to act upon our information. This and much more on the Local STASI aka Local Authorities with Piers Corbyn and Chris Powis.


Useful Idiots Exposed

Here is the picture of someone alleged to have dropped a cigarette end by NSL employees. The Picture and threatening caption were published by  Waltham Forest Communications Dept agent Nick Dovey who arrogantly defended his position without understanding the legal consequences. The phone call is featured in the show. The useful idiots in the council who think they have a duty to name and shame (libel) the public on hearsay from NSL Litter Police (aka traffic wardens) who have been exposed as being on incentive schemes is acting way beyond their authority. Mr Dovey did not seem to understand that fines can only be issued by a court and that he cannot sit as executioner traumatizing the general public on the hearsay of NSL employees. Mr Dovey is asking for snoopers from the general public who might assist the council in their citizen spy programme to identify the person.

Waltham Forest Council Exposed

Mr. Dovey wrote a caption which appeared on the Grimebusters site which was removed along with the twitter post following our letter to the CEO of the Council.

The Council Leader Claire Coghill failed to respond at all.

Mr. Dovey wrote the following statement on the Waltham Forest/ Grimebusters government website :

“We would like to reconnect with this lady stopped in Walthamstow High street for enviromental offences, we have a fine for her. Unfortunately it seems she forgot her details when asked, so if anyone can help us get in touch with herplease do let us know.”

Waltham Forest Council Grimebusters

After our letter to the CEO of Waltham Forest Martin Esom, the page was removed along with the twitter post:

Waltham Forest Council Exposed

I kept getting the same response on the council enquiry page, the council computer robots are like the council human robots. repeating themselves without listening.



So in conclusion…

If you have any information about Useful Idiots acting beyond authority do let us know, we would like to “reconnect” with them!

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Subject: Serious Privacy breach

Dear Mr. Esom:

It appears Waltham Forest council is putting out photos of people (below) who are alleged to have

dropped litter. In this case the person did not give their name which is not an offence when dealing with a private contractor.

I have spoken to Nick Dovey who is solely responsible for uploading the image. He does not seem to think he needs public liablity insurance which is rather odd as he is leaving himself wide open to legal action.

There has been no court appearance and no evidence supplied so this amounts to hearsay.

The private companies employed to impose these fines are wearing body cameras for their protection. Can you tell me who authorises the private company to pass over images for publication by Waltham Forest Council?

If the person is wanted for an offence then any image should be uploaded only by the police with a description

of the offence and proportionality of the offence taken into consideration is of paramount importance to the public interest.

In this case there has been no conviction in a court. I recently had 560 images removed from Crimestoppers

who had allowed the police to abuse the site uploading images of people which potentially biased trials and was creating criminals by making people go on the run after having been tramatized by being labelled “Most Wanted”, We proved they were not.  Crimestoppers has been hugely curtailed because of this.

In this case Waltham Forest appear to be acting beyond authority. Nick Dovey who uploaded the picture was not aware of legal obligations. If your legal depatment authorized this can you please supply the name of the legally qualified person who was responsible?

Mr Dovey has already admitted full personnal liablity in this matter.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Mark Windows


Good afternoon Mr Windows.

Thank you for your email addressed to Martin Esom, Chief Executive.  The contents of which have been noted.

Kind regards,


Lisa Scott

Executive Business Support to the Chief Executive

Business Hub, Room 111

Town Hall

Forest Road


London, E17 4JF





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