Brexit = Terror in UK

This show features the agencies which are subverting democracy in order to stop Brexit and demonize all those who are outside the Global corridor of accepted opinion.

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Brexit = Terror in UK

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The European Council on Foreign Relations came out of the Queens Privy Council in 2007. We reveal those behind it and those who are working to stop the democratic will of the country. The Centre for European Reform, a think tank for pro European and Global policy is also examined.

“The Centre for European Reform is a think-tank devoted to making the European Union work better and strengthening its role in the world. The CER is pro-European but not uncritical.


Queens Privy Council and European Council on Foreign Relations

George Soros and his son Alexander are representing Hungary in the ECRF while currently the UK is represented by members of the Queen’s UK privy council, including David Milliband and Tory MP Damien Green as well as Tory MP and advisor to Princes William and Harry, Rory Stewart (whom the UK privy council put in charge of areas of Iraq after their illegal invasion). New labour MP’s Chuka Ummuna and Emma Reynolds also represent the UK in the ECRF (neither of whom are in the UK privy council – yet).

The Institute for strategic studies is now  involved in identifying “radical” posting on Facebook. We look at the “trolls” employed to do this.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies is a world-leading authority on global security, political risk and military conflict.

The IISS has been advancing global peace and security since 1958. Carefully researched facts and incisive analysis are at the heart of all we do, helping governments, academics, journalists and businesses. 

We are an international institute that owes allegiance to no government.


MI5 and the New Terror Narrative

The “Far Right” terror narrative is to demonize all those who challenge government propaganda and was propagated by MI5 who are now the direct interface for the front line in “countering” this new fake far right threat.

“There are around 100 live investigations into right-wing extremism taking place, illustrating the growing problem.”

“The police will take the executive lead, taking over from MI5 when the time arises to disrupt a plot and make arrests.”

“One senior police source told the Guardian that the move made sense, saying: “MI5 are driving the car, and SO15 [Counter Terrorism Command] are in the passenger seat. When there is a need to take a plot out, SO15 get in the driving seat.”

Do these civil servants sitting in these Top Secret administration jobs really believe all  they are told it and repeat it?

All the evidence seems to point to a psychological operation and demonization of anyone outside the Fake “Far Left” ideology.

The synthesis of this propaganda is a politically correct police state and stifling of all opposition.

We also discuss the fake enviromental terrorists “Extinction Rebellion”. This template operation is similar to the police and intelligence lead “Climate Camp” which lead its followers into government climate taxation lobbying agendas.



Here are some comments WOTW made on their apocalyptic “call to action”:

Windows On The World
The state organized useful idiots begging for enslavement and taxation. This is fake activism at its most ridiculous but idiots repeat lies and are dangerous. These people know nothing about climate just propaganda and IPCC nonsesnse. They are incapabl;e of debate, clever idea that the billionaires who fund this have, make a religion out of taxation and totalitarianism .
Our planet is dying. What the fuck is wrong with you?
He’s psychologically enslaved by the corporate vested interests and billionaires who are the main culprits in the catastrophe that’s unfolding… They’ve so engrained themselves in our politics, our societies, our communities and our psyches that so many are in denial at what’s happening and the destruction we’ve caused, that they willingly march headlong into oblivion than accept reality and embrace essential change.

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@LeaderOfTheStarrySky Yes definitely, everyone of them in this video is brainwashed into meaningless soundbites. Their children will be ashamed and angry at their gullibility. This is one of the most embarrassing videos put together by the state and corporate interests who are the only ones to benefit from the programme. Perfect hegalian manipulation.
Windows On The World I was referring to you. A quick squizz at some of your own videos tells me all I need to know – climate change denial is obviously the most foolish and dangerous of your batshittery. Do you have shares in AlcoFoil as well as the fossil fuel conglomerates that you are an apologist for?
@LeaderOfTheStarrySky Perfect answer ! You can now enroll in the Vivienne Westwood school of critical thinking.
If you can help us to keep going against the tidal wave of propaganda please do!
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