Big Society Social Cleansing New show every Sunday. This show: Social Cleansing and the Big Society implemented with no public input. The show is a follow up to Mini Holland schemes and Social Cleansing in East London. This show features interviews with a local shopkeeper and a lady in sheltered accommodation on The Mini Holland Scheme implemented by Waltham Forest Council through UN Agenda 21. Closing roads under the banner of More Cycling which means getting rid of all other vehicles. The agenda though is just using cycling as a front for a bigger agenda the public would not want if they knew what its aims were.

See this article below for more on the so called Big Society, its Change Agents and agenda. The article contains videos and a radio interview on the wider implications and what can be done to tackle Consensus No Choice agendas being enforced on the public.

Big Society Change Agents  from Windows on the World

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