BBC “Interrogate Fake News” LOL


BBC “Interrogate Fake News” LOL

    Interrogating BBC fake News with Mark Windows.

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The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-05 with Mark Windows.

Interrogating the perpetrators is always satisfying , but BBC fake news, along with U.S. Corporate Fake News would be great targets to those of us that seek something other than Fake News , and we may choose entirely more human but more effective means of Interrogating ie Debate and Journalism to cross examine the criminal media.

First hour with Mark Windows we talk more about the BBC targeting fake news, saying they are going to ‘Interrogate’ fake news.

Jane Stanley announced building 7 had collapsed 27 mins before it actually did, it was standing right there behind here on the live broadcast from the BBC. Will they Interrogate this fake news? We doubt it!

Both Chuck and Mark would be happy for the opportunity to take on mainstream media with the ‘facts’ about fake news.

Attacking the messenger with ad hominems seems to be the weapon of choice for mainstream media. and hollow talking heads that have no knowledge or real impact. The BBC is attempting to ‘control the narrative‘ on social media, with BBC fake news.

Second hour Psychological subversion, Grenfell Towers, Agenda 21/30, the regeneration of London.

Trust law, honour and Oath, the state assumes you are corruptible, it’s their only weapon, with integrity, we can fight this.

Globalist puppet Sediq Khan, mayor of London, have the BBC Fake News outlet or any U.K. based outlet bothered to truly Interrogate him?

Change Agents are still not as advertised. Eddie Izzard is disturbing, Richard Quest may be an escaped British Potato Head , but his Fake News is not Interrogated via CNN , though his Crystal Meth Bust a few years ago IS NOT “Fake News

Mark Windows provided the music for the break ‘Abduction At Junction 5′ here on YouTube.

In the end taking the reigns of personal responsibility is not news to mark , Is not a fake idea to Chuck , and requires no ‘Change Agent‘ to conduct the internal Interrogation,

The Breitbart Report BBC fake news story covered. Tax Funded BBC to Chase Ratings with Live Video Streams, Targeting ‘Fake News’, ‘Women, and the Young’.

BBC Reports 911, WTC 7 Collapse BEFORE it Happens

Windows on the World

Some listeners would like to know, is this true, or did we hear it on the BBC? LOL Unfortunately, it’s true!

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