Covid, Reset and Law

Covid, Reset and Law


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Covid, Reset and the Law

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COMMUNITY, a society of people living in the same place, under the same laws and regulations, and who have common rights and privileges.

From, The Lexicon of Law, 1847

Common rights and priveleges now come with responsibilities which are used to manipulate you into acceptance that your actions must follow orders as it is for the common good.

“The common good” means the benefit of control and management through coercion and manipulation.

This is achieved through the recruiting of spies and agents who enforce it.

It is an affront and a lie.

The Covid Action Plan must fall under the jurisdiction of the land it affects.

Those responsible for manufacturing it and its effects are accessories.

All those responsible for perpetuating the covid action plan are compromised by it.

Compromise starts when boundaries are relinquished by consent.

The whole purpose of the new system is to gain consent by aquiessence, groupthink and psychological manipulation.

The boundaries which are there to protect against unnecessary intrusion are broken bythe new system.

“We are all in it together”, the mantra imposed through the new totalitarianism means that we are all under instruction and orders without justification or evidence.

That in itself is a tyranny.

Officers are bare faced liars.

They lie for a living.

We are all in it together” means you will obey unthinkingly while we, the corporate, deceivers will keep you where you should be, in the dark and unaware of the intended outcomes which are directly against your interests but in the interests of the financiers of the global action plan.

You will be harvested for our greater good. They will control everything you think.

The current belief system imposed is not based on observable facts and lacks evidential analysis.

It has no basis in law or otherwise.

The truth fears no investigation.

There is no truth as investigation is forbidden.

The current situation started with one lie which spread to other lies which spread as a mind virus along with the compromises and acquiescence by consent.

The degradation has taken over everything.

The general population have no idea what a provable fact is because they do not believe they have access to anything outside the deception.

The population now prefer trivia and lies to using thought.

Facts are subjective to the deliberately enfeebled.

The use of the word “community” is the biggest deception, it means a self policing mass of uninformed repeaters who are being steered and controlled by liars.

The liars are the gatekeepers therefore there is no truth allowed.

You are either with us or you are with the terrorists.

The state are the terrorists, you are on the wrong sisde.

The government are captives of global governance. A tacit agreement

The mask to be worn in public is symbolic, it means victory for the terrorists when all comply.

Those who choose must be brought into line.

Acceptance of this means strictly

The taking and acceptance of anything in good part, and as it were a tacit agreement to a preceeding act

which might have been avoided or defeated if such acceptance had not been made.

Therefore it matters not how consent is gained in a criminal jurisdiction the like of which we do currently reside in.

The criminals need to be named in writing and and Act of Grace performed which exonerates all from the tyranny of a few who currently hold all power and are invested in corruption.

An Act of Grace exonerates all those who have been trapped and labelled as debtors.

The assumption that all are debtors is the basis of all further lies and assumptions following.

An honest banker responds with honest transactions.

There can be no honest bankers when they are directed by the Climate Related Disclosures Fund.

The fund is based on financial fraud based on deliberate manipulation and lies.

The use of training exercises in real time is deception,

The creation of myth and fantasy is a branch of control.

The cabbalists and their cabal distract with fakery of every kind.


From The Lexicon of Law, 1847


The outer world presented is nothing to do with the real intentions.

Everything presented is a different type of distraction.

There is no point in asking demons for deliverance.

The world view of the cabbalist swaps truth for allegory, fiction for fact.

The cabal have many more letters to their names than the above but it is all the same system.

An outward display which involves fake mystery and a simple inner core which makes effective

plans and sticks to them.

So here is the sumary:

“The Great Reset” will be the theme of a unique twin summit in January 2021, convened by the World Economic Forum.

“The Great Reset” is a commitment to jointly and urgently build the foundations of our economic and social system for a more fair, sustainable and resilient future.

It requires a new social contract centred on human dignity, social justice and where societal progress does not fall behind economic development.

So bearing in mind that the duty of every global citizen is to join in or be demonized this social contract isa technocratic dictatorship.

So, a new social contract.

To be in harmony with nature.

Harnessing science and technology, yes AI, SMART control.

Zero Carbon Emissions.

Sustainable recovery based on UN Agenda 2030 and the Paris agreement.

Prince Charles said:

We did not have the answer or the mechanisms to deal with it.

The dangers of climate change surpass Covid 19.

Restore balance and biodiversity.

“The planet is a patient and we are damaging her immune system”

State Bar Group Calls for ‘Mandatory’ COVID-19 Vaccinations, Regardless of Objections

“Some Americans may push back on the COVID-19 vaccination for religious, philosophical or personal reasons,” says the report released on Thursday by the NYSBA, but, it says, “for the sake of public health, mandatory vaccinations for COVID-19 should be required in the United States as soon as it is available.”


“In behavioural science, this phenomenon is known as the ‘Fresh Start’ effect. Widespread lockdown, it turns out, has presented many of us with an unexpected opportunity to make positive changes to our lives.”

For example, more of us are calling friends and family, exercising at home, and volunteering in our local community.

A team now means a co opted cabal.

The Covid Cult is one of unreality.

The real time game exercises being played out are a recruitment drive and planning scheme

Everyone plays their part in the system of moods and opinions,

When there is not much access to truly relevant information nothing can be achieved.

The information that the Covid 19 action plan is a contrived event is of no consequence to those who are engineering the responses.

It really doesnt matter because the responses are being dealt with in real time.

The statistics can be used and contradicted, even by the press.

NHS staff can tell the truth and lose their jobs, a percentage will but that is factored in to the plan.

The fake experts giving their opinions are part of the show, it doesn’t matter if they are proved wrong.

The public have no ability to respond accordingly.

There is no plan in place and the banner waving anti vaxxers and conspiracy theorists can be dealt with so easily they will never be a threat.

They could be but know nothing of strategy and it it is all in the strategy.

In fact those opposing it are facilitating the agenda, it wouldn’t be the same without them.

The lack of knowledge about this steering committee in charge of the bigger picture and their real time response is the real problem the public face.

The public do not know how to act unpredictability.

The resistance and reaction of the half aware minority is factored into the programme.

This is where the waking up to the fraud is of no consequence.

It is all fine, it is being written into the programme as it is being rolled out.

There is no reality for the public to grasp onto so they form opinions based on the reality they are being fed.

Our recent shows highlighted the alternative to artificial intelligence, unpredictablity

The problem is the public do not know how to be effectively unpredictable.

It is certainly not openly disagreeing and arguing over the reality of a pandemic.

The reality of it has nothing to do with the the agenda whatsoever.

The agenda is already being rolled out and accepted in real time.

Any visible resistance is part of the plan.

System Their education system gets the required results.

Those that rebel against it are necessary.

They are supplying the required dissonance.

The blending together of the system of moods is into consensus is the overall aim.

The subject matter of all allowed discourse will never address the real issue.

Outside the box

Think about what the police do when they wish to arrest you.

They accuse you of being aggressive, of having an attitude problem, anything but respond to the facts.

They will then say that the facts are your feelings.

They lie for a living.

It doesnt matter if they believe they are honest, their training is in manipulation and

interviewing technique which makes them subversives and anti truth.

Add to this the fact that most public officials will outright lie to get what they want and

you can start to see the problem.

It is not with institutions it is with institutionalised agents

Facts have no importance whatsoever in dealing with the presented reality.

You will be steered into acting accordingly by behavioural science.

Every time you oppose the plan you are facilitating it.

The globalists need the antiglobalists to implement their policies.

The antiglobalists have nothing to do

They are given their protests by the globalists.

Nothing done in public will have any effect.

Only behind the scenes will there be an opportunity for regaining liberty.

Every revolution will be manufactured according to the system of moods.

There is something for everyone, even you.

Yes, your behaviour is part of the the overall plan and has been factored in.

This is how religious cults have been successful.

They have layers of information.

Nothing is accessible to the public which is reality or higher knowledge.

This can only be deciphered by the persistent and those who can think outside the system of education

and indoctrination.

Those who fight against what they believe to be indoctrination are also indoctrinated.

Westerners especially have accepted their fake reality through being willingly subverted.

The British social engineers have been successful, that does not mean they are intelligent.

It just means they are good at steering.

This goes from Global to local and into Community Policing, in reality

communitarian policing.

The prevention of crime also goes into many areas and pre crime.

What could possible go wrong.

It already does go wrong in the UK

What happens when multiple corporate bodies can share information and create their own crimes to suite the state and also to select their own criminals

What happens when multiple agencies conspire through a network of individuals.

What happens when corrupt individuals target individuals who do not firt the narrative.

From the Technocratic Tyranny

So follow the logic… a government building is blown up in Oklahoma so the response is for government to build a “security” system of protections by sector including cyber security as the blanket protection for all.

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